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Foundation for a Better Life

Lack of symmetry and synchronization of millions of chemical and biological entities inside the Human Body can lead to serious physical and mental ailments.

Emergence of different weapons from the past to the present, starting from swords all the way to atomic weapons has been the outcome, whenever Human Civilization has experienced any sort of lack of symmetry and coordination. It has led to life being shrouded with conflicts and the human civilization devastated by wars.

After two bitterly fought world wars on this planet, the British made sure that the concept and practice of Technology did not remain within the shores of Europe only and they took it upon themselves the responsibility of spreading it across the globe. Holding the hands of technology, came different kinds of machines, from hand held to heavy machines. The present century has witnessed a new dimension being added to Technology - Information Technology. Earlier Humans were responsible for manufacturing machines. These days though, machines give birth to themselves. Emotionless, advanced technologically intelligent hordes of robots made their way into human lives. This new worldorder with lots of unknowns all around us and the world shifting and changing rapidly, brought in A Paradigm Shift In Symmetry, synchronization and coordination of human lives.

On the other hand, riding on the high of economic liberalization, millions of shadow mortals started encroaching into the lives of humans riding on electronic waves. It became the responsibility of human social civilization to define the New Order Of Symmetry, synchronization and coordination in this new Technology dominated world.

Question remained though as to how does the human civilization maintain the required elements of symmetry, synchronization and coordination in this fast changing new world? Throughout the history of human civilization and the numerous evolutions human civilization has undergone, the elements on whose shoulders the responsibility lay historically to ensure symmetry, synchronization and coordination happened to be melody, rhythm, tempo, Bakhari, Madhyama, Pashyanti, Para, language, literature, art, culture. The situation remains unchanged even today and the responsibility of Restoring Symmetry, synchronization and coordination remains with the very same entities.

The ground reality was that all these age old methods of restoring a sense of symmetry seemed to be slowly moving onto slippery grounds under the combined influence of shadow mortals and robots.

The daily life of humans seemed to have been suddenly hit by an avalanche of psychological disease which was leading to the overall Symmetry Of The Human Civilization Getting Severely Disturbed, almost leading to a precipice of disaster.

It was not anymore only about normal evolution – it was almost like a movement from ‘Traditional’ to ‘Artificial’, like an equal but opposite reaction.

If the opposite reaction to Traditional forces happened to be Artificial forces, then the reverse was also going to be true and in the current scheme of things where we see the Artificial forces ruling the lives of people, as an opposite reaction, all forces which are Natural and Traditional has to make a comeback. The name of this reaction which would restore human lives to the levels of blissful happiness is Sonusism.

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